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  • Buying Selling Trading Silver Gold Platinum Palladium
  • Trusted Professional Precious Metals Dealers

You would never want to engage in a precious metals transaction without complete confidence in a dealer you trust. That’s why it’s imperative that your precious metals dealer is a PNG-Accredited Precious Metals Dealer.

Buy Sell Trade Precious Metals Silver Gold Platinum Palladium Coins NumismaticsPrecious metals is a different playing field from numismatics, yet the ethics, principles and rules are much the same. But with precious metals, sometimes the stakes can be even higher. So it’s crucial that buyers and sellers of precious metals deal only with reputable experts.

All members of the APMD must first be members of the Professional Numismatists Guild, so they are subject to the same stringent bylaws and membership requirements as all PNG dealers. But the membership requirements don’t stop there.

Why Choose a PNG-Accredited Precious Metals Dealer?


APMD members are all deeply experienced coin and bullion dealers and required to demonstrate consummate knowledge about the history and value of very unique products.

Meet our Members


Nothing is more important to APMD than the ethical behavior of our members and they are all the most trusted dealers in the coin and precious metals business.



APMD offers consumer protection benefits that ensure all transactions with member dealers are trustworthy and fair– that’s responsible business.

APMD Code of Ethics

When it comes to buying and selling precious metals, only one group follows the most stringent code of ethics to ensure confidence and integrity within the marketplace…APMD.

Message from the President

Wayde Milas

Wayde Milas

APMD President

Welcome to APMDdealers.org, the site that links precious metals buyers to the most trusted and accomplished dealers in the field.

We’re pleased to provide this site where you can learn all about the APMD, why it’s so important to do business with APMD-accredited bullion and precious metals dealers, and most importantly about the dealers themselves and the services they offer their clients.

Most APMD dealers have been in the rare coin and precious metals business for decades and form the backbone of these markets, consistently buying and selling millions of dollars of coins and bullion annually through both good and bad markets.

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Accredited Precious Metals Dealers are on your sideAccredited Precious Metals Dealers are on your side

Featured APMD Member

Vincent Wade

Vincent Wade

Founder and President
Pinehurst Coins

Vincent Wade founded Pinehurst Coins in 2004. With hard work and dedication coupled with a true love of numismatics, he has built his company from the ground up into the success it is today.

Mr. Wade’s number one priority has always been to provide clients with the best overall buying experience. This has quickly made him a highly respected member of the PNG, CCE, ANA and. He is an authorized NGC, PCGS and PMG dealer and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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