Gold – The Ultimate Safe Haven

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If there’s any such thing as a durable asset, it has to be gold.

For thousands of years, gold, silver and other precious metals have maintained their allure ‒ and their value.

The value of gold may fluctuate, but it will always be a safe haven against inflation, weak currency, increasing national debt, market selloffs or just about anything else. With more global economic uncertainty looming, that’s especially important today.

To illustrate its enduring purchasing power, 20 ounces of gold could buy a nice car in 1920, and it still can nearly 100 years later. That’s why even the most diversified portfolio needs to include gold and other precious metals as the best way to protect your assets.

Many financial experts recommend 20-25% of your net worth to be comprised of some form of precious metal, especially gold. That means gold in your hand or in the bank – not in futures.

Gold is the most durable asset in the world
and has proven this out since ancient times.

20 ounces of gold could buy a nice car in 1920, and it still can today.

How do I Acquire Gold and Other Precious Metals?

In today’s uncertain economic times, it makes perfect sense to look into purchasing gold and other precious metals. But do you think it makes sense to buy your precious metals from people you don’t know? From someone you heard about in a TV or radio ad? Shouldn’t you buy your bullion from an accredited precious metals dealer?

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The Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) was founded in 1955 to protect and educate the consumer, and ensure positive outcomes for coin, paper money and precious metal buyers and sellers alike. In addition to rare coins and currency, many PNG-member dealers also buy and sell precious metals. So in 2015, the PNG founded the Accredited Precious Metals Dealer program (APMD) to give consumers a resource for honest, professional, worry-free transactions.

APMD Platinum Member dealers are the most committed, reputable precious metal dealers in the country. Since they must first become Professional Numismatists Guild members, APMD members are subject to the same stringent membership requirements.

Each member is both a numismatic and precious metals expert you can trust. They will be happy to help you discover and learn about the precious metals that are best for you, whether they’re bullion coins like American Gold and Silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, South African Kruggerands, Austrian Philharmonics, gold bars, silver, platinum or palladium, even rare, vintage U.S. coins.

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